Oklahoma City, OK.


Oklahoma test truck

Pre Trip Videos

  Pre-Trip inspection videos: There are videos for A, B, and C as well as videos showing the In Cab & Applied Brake Test sequence, trailer connections, and 5th wheel setup. These videos are not intended for use as training material, only provided to give you an idea of what to expect for your exam.

Pre Trip - A

This video shows inspection of the truck: forward lighting, external items on the front half of the truck, components in the engine bay, battery box, frame, steering/suspension components, front wheels/brakes. 

Pre Trip - B

This video shows inspection of the truck: external items on the side/rear half of the truck, frame, air tanks, wire/hose connections, 5th wheel setup, suspension components, rear wheels/brakes, rear truck lighting. 

Pre Trip - C 

This video shows inspection of the trailer. 

Pre Trip - In Cab Inspection & Applied Brake Test

Pre Trip - Trailer Connections

Pre Trip - 5th Wheel Setup