Oklahoma City, OK.


Oklahoma test truck

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When you have a test date please call us to reserve a truck for testing. If you do not have a test date, but need to test asap, we will work with you to get you in as a  walk-in, about 40% of our customers are walk-ins. The draw back of being a walk-in is, you are not guaranteed to get to test that day. You will be given time to familiarize yourself with the truck (about 1 hr). If more time is needed, that also can be arranged. 

Oklahoma Test Truck

2901 East Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117, United States

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The user of the CDL test truck will be asked to demonstrate that they can safely operate the vehicle.

Class A CDL Test Truck is not affiliated with the Department of Public Safety and reserves the right to refuse the use of truck to any driver we deem unsafe or that may pose a danger in any manner to our equipment or to the public.