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Oklahoma test truck


Our price is $460 cash


Very Easy to drive

We offer a very easy to drive single axle day cab tractor with a 28 ft. single axle trailer. You can see all around our truck which makes it easier to do your backing maneuvers. Our truck and trailer is only 41 ft. long. You don't have to worry about running over curbs or double yellow lines that could fail you.  We have two identical test trucks to meet your needs.


Our truck has a 6 speed synchronize transmission, You shift it just like you would your car or pickup.  No Double-clutching required. This way, you concentrate more on your driving instead of double clutching and missing gears.  


Our truck is a little smaller, making it easier to pre-trip than some others. It helps you to complete your pre-trip in less time. We have made it as easy as possible to get your Class A CDL or Class B CDL with no restrictions. You get all of this for only $460. If you need a retest, the fee is $165 dollars.


When you have a test date please call us to reserve a truck for testing. If you do not have a test date, but need to test asap, we will work with you to get you in as a walk-in, about 35% of our customers are walk-ins. The draw back of being a walk-in is, you are not guaranteed to get to test that day. You will be given time to familiarize yourself with the truck (approximately 1 hr). If more time is needed, that also can be arranged. The cost for use of the truck to take your CDL test is $460 (with our cash discount). Call today for more information. We are open Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

Resources to help you with acquiring your Oklahoma CDL

Acceptable Residency List

Acceptable Residency List

Acceptable Residency List

Applying for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver License

Applying for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver License

Applying for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver License

Commercial Driver License Skills Test

Applying for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver License

Applying for an Oklahoma Commercial Driver License

Frequently asked questions


What is the driving test like?

Should I have a CDL permit before calling to reserve a truck?

Yes, a valid CDL permit is required for use of our test truck. 

Will you schedule my driving test?

No, you will schedule your own appointment through the DPS by calling 405-425-2196. Once you have scheduled your appointment, let us know to arrange a truck reservation. 

Will DPS give the test even if it's raining?

Yes, they will give the test even if there is light snow. 

What if I fail the test?

You will be critiqued at the end of your driving test. Use this information when retaking the test. It will prove helpful in passing. 

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IT IS OUR POLICY:   The user of the CDL test truck will be asked to demonstrate that they can safely operate the vehicle. Class A CDL Test Truck is not affiliated with the Department of Public Safety and reserves the right to refuse the use of truck to any driver we deem unsafe or that may pose a danger in any manner to our equipment or to the public.

 We are open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.  

Class A CDL Test Truck

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

We are not a Truck Driver Training school